Children Kung Fu Education

Camp coaches: Salie Lewi, Kelvin Gill, Kristian Andonov
Teaching apprentices: Sabrina and Alisha
Dates:  24 & 25 July 2019 – Day Schedule: 10am – 4pm

Set up: 3 teachers + teaching apprentices to provide quality kung fu education to children aged 4 to 11.

A short meditation starts the training day. By the end of this the children are at ease and feel very comfortable and relaxed. Meditation allows one to enter a state of peace and harmony, with a tranquil mind, one is able to absorb new information very easily.

The importance of grounding to earth is always highlighted through the training at The Academy. If one is not grounded one can easily be pushed around, have constant doubts or fears. By the simple action of connecting to earth, the individual connects to their determination to succeed, unwavering resolve and calm observation of their surrounding.

Tai Chi pushing hands is a key discipline to train to a high level of grounding. Not only is it an important skill, the children just love the Tai Chi pushing hands exercises, challenges and fun competitions.

The final element of the morning training is the skill work. This camp the children were able to work on punching and kicking techniques.

Lunch break and creative activities are the time the children can rest from the morning training and have a chance to learn more about the ancient kung fu wisdom and knowledge through fun creative expression. This camp we discovered the 8 elements of the Bagua, creating our own Bagua trigrams with clay, paper collage and paints.

The final session is spent on a weapon technique, this camp we focussed on stick techniques and continued learning the international children form.

*Autumn half term Camp Dates now confirmed: 24th and 25th October 2019

Camp training schedule:

10am – 11am training session 1
11am -11.15am break
11.15am – 12.15pm training session 2
12.15 – 12.45pm lunch
12.45pm – 2.15pm creative activity in line with the philosophy of the AWA
2.15pm – 2.30pm break
2.30pm – 3.45pm training session 3
3.45 – 4pm games

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